Punisher is a skateboard company/ brand with a beginner line of boards established in 2008 and a pro-division that launched in 2018.
Our warehouse is located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and our philosophy has always been rooted in the passion of supporting skateboarding and skateboarders everywhere.
In addition, we have a team of athletes that ride for our brand made up of passionate individuals with years of experience determined to see the brand thrive!  What separates Punisher from the rest you ask? For starters, its our custom A-Frame shaped decks located in our pro line. These A-Frame decks are all professional quality, 7 ply Canadian maple wood, extremely strong and are all recommended and vouched for by our skate team and skateboarders across the world.

Secondly, we have been featured on many different social media platforms including multiple video shoots with The Braille Skateboarding YouTube channel which is the most searched channel in the field of skateboarding. It has been proven that this custom shape of ours brings tremendous benefits to a skaters session and according the guys at braille is definitely a must try.

So whether you’re new to skateboarding or at an expert level we hope you can find what you need here at Punisher Skateboards.
Skateboarding has never stopped evolving, has always been about pushing the limits and here at Punisher we feel we are doing just that.

Always remember skateboarding is about having fun and being as creative as YOU want to be so if you’re the determined type, never get discouraged and keep pushing forward.

— #RidePunisher