Punisher Skateboards was established in 2008 and our pro division in 2018.
We have two separate divisions to our brand, we have a beginner line of skateboards which offer your basic beginner completes and then our pro division which offers the professional quality items.
We have always been rooted in a passion for supporting skateboarding and skateboarders everywhere.
Our skate team is a collective group of passionate individuals who have years of experience and are determined to see this brand thrive. Our pro division is where you’ll find our custom A-Frame shaped boards which are all recomended by our skate team and skateboarders across the world. This custom shape of our has been known to add tremendous benefits to a skaters session.
We want every skater out there to be able to discover their passion for skateboarding. So whether you’re new to skateboarding or at an expert level we hope you can find what you need here at Punisher Skateboards.
Always remember skateboarding is about having fun and being as creative as you want to be. So if you’re the determined type, never get discouraged and keep pushing forward.

— #RidePunisher