Steampunk | Longboard Series


The perfect board for the next generation of longboarders.

Where Victorian elegance meets industrial innovation, creating a ride that's as stylish as it is powerful. This 40" x 9" longboard boasts a 7-ply Canadian Maple drop-through deck, meticulously designed to capture the essence of steampunk aesthetics. The 7" UB alloy trucks and base provide a robust foundation, combining form and function for riders who appreciate the marriage of vintage charm and cutting-edge technology.

Marvel at the graphic, where a steampunk-dressed woman, armed with a captivating blend of retro-futuristic elements, holds a gun in a display of timeless style and adventure. The Steampunk Design transforms your ride into a journey through an alternate reality where elegance and machinery seamlessly coexist.

Featuring ABEC-9 chrome bearings and 76x53mm black/lime green PU casted wheels, this longboard ensures a smooth and swift ride, allowing you to navigate the urban landscape with precision and flair. The PU white cushion, adorned with a steampunk-inspired logo, adds a touch of sophistication while enhancing overall comfort.

Secure your stance with the OS780 Grip tape and embark on a ride that fuses the past and the future with every push. The Steampunk Design Longboard isn't just a deck; it's a stylish adventure that invites riders to embrace the allure of a bygone era while cruising into the future. Step into the world of gears, cogs, and Victorian charm as you roll through the streets in steampunk elegance.

40" x 9" 7-Ply Canadian Maple Drop-Through
Trucks + Base
7" UB Alloy
Punisher ABEC-9 High Speed
Wheels 76 x 53mm PU Injection
Riser PU Cushion with Punisher Logo
Grip Tape OS780 Black