Tagger skateboard combo pack


Punisher Skateboards is always considering ways to help save our customers money. As a result, we have put together a collection that we call the Tagger skateboard combo pack. This collection is based off of team rider Dave Smith who designed this graphic himself. It contains everything you need to put together a complete Punisher skateboards setup.

Therefore, in this combo set you will receive one Tagger Punisher A-Frame deck. With this, you will receive one sheet of Jessup Griptape and one set of Punisher trucks. These trucks come in a variety of colors for you to choose from.

In this Tagger skateboard combo pack you will also receive one box of 54mm Punisher wheels. These wheels have a 100a durometer hardness which is great for any terrain. You can choose from a number of the different color wheels we carry.

This collection includes one box of Punisher ABEC-7 precision bearings and one pack of Punisher hardware. This hardware pack comes in different colors and contains an extra kingpin along with two extra wheel nuts.

In addition, you will receive two bonus items; one Tagger Punisher Skateboards T-shirt and a Punisher sticker pack. In conclusion, this collection has everything you need to hit the streets the way our team does!

Give the Punisher A-Frame decks a try and see all the great benefits they bring for yourself!

The Tagger skateboard combo pack!