COVID skateboard deck


Introducing the COVID skateboard deck by Punisher Skateboards. The signature graphic of team rider Dave Smith.

We know this graphic definitely makes a statement. We’ve all felt the impact of the 2020 pandemic. As a result, we feel a simple but strong statement is necessary.

There is a tremendous difference in our A frame series decks as appose to our beginner completes. As such, these boards are made with professional quality and built to last.

Like all Punisher A frame decks, the COVID skateboard deck is 7 ply Canadian maple and comes in 3 sizes.

You will find that there are great benefits that come with riding our A Frame series decks. Many skaters find more power in their “scoop” which contributes to and improves a skaters performance.

In addition, skateboarders riding our A frame decks also state that this shape allows for precise foot placement..

In conclusion, Don’t let the shape psych you out! Give the COVID skateboard deck a try and see all the great benefits it will bring for yourself.