Monster Mash Up | Longboard Series


The perfect board for the next generation of longboarders.

A thrilling convergence of iconic monsters on four wheels that transforms your ride into a spine-chilling adventure. This 40" x 9" longboard features a 7-ply Canadian Maple drop-through deck, providing a sturdy foundation for riders who dare to venture into the realm of classic horror. The 7" UB alloy trucks and base ensure stability as you cruise through the night, surrounded by a legion of the undead and monstrous.

The graphic is a celebration of horror's most legendary characters – from mummies to Frankenstein's creature, werewolves to zombies – the Monster Mash-Up Longboard brings together the pantheon of classic monsters in a visually stunning collage. Each push becomes a journey through the haunting tales that have fueled our nightmares for generations.

Featuring ABEC-9 chrome bearings and 76x53mm black/lime green PU casted wheels, this longboard promises a smooth and exhilarating ride, capturing the essence of horror lore with every turn. The PU white cushion, adorned with a monster-inspired logo, adds a touch of frightful fun while enhancing overall comfort.

Secure your stance with the OS780 Grip tape and become part of the ultimate Monster Mash-Up. This longboard isn't just a deck; it's a tribute to the ghouls and creatures that have defined the horror genre. So, gear up, roll out, and let the Monster Mash-Up Longboard be your ticket to a thrilling ride through the shadows of classic monster lore.

40" x 9" 7-Ply Canadian Maple Drop-Through
Trucks + Base
7" UB Alloy
Punisher ABEC-9 High Speed
Wheels 76 x 53mm PU Injection
Riser PU Cushion with Punisher Logo
Grip Tape OS780 Black