Elephantasm | Helmets


Protect with the strength of giants!

Adorn your noggin with the daring and extraordinary Elephantasm helmet.

This helmet is a testament to its audacious design, featuring striking neon pink elephants with their intricate skeletal structures visible, all set against a sleek black backdrop.

Accompanied by dynamic blue paint splatters, gray paint swipes, and a mesmerizing pattern of blue circle designs, the design is daring and passionate.

Safety is paramount, and this helmet delivers 11 strategically placed ventilation openings to keep you cool and comfortable during your skate sessions.

Crafted from high-quality materials, it features an ABS shell and an EPS liner that provide the best possible protection for your head.

In terms of comfort, this helmet includes two pad sets, allowing you to achieve a customized fit for your head.

And with an adjustable chin strap, it offers a secure and snug fit that keeps you protected while you shred.

When you roll with the Elephantasm helmet, you're not just wearing protective gear but making a bold statement bound to turn heads and set you apart from the crowd. 

Ages 5+