Oni | Longboard Series


The perfect board for the next generation of longboarders.

A visual masterpiece that brings the ancient art of samurai duels to the streets. This 40" x 9" longboard showcases a 7-ply Canadian Maple drop-through deck, meticulously crafted to embody the spirit of traditional Japanese craftsmanship. The 7" UB alloy trucks and base provide a stable foundation for riders seeking a balance between elegance and power.

Step into the graphic, where two undead samurais engage in a mesmerizing duel under the moonlight. The Oni Graphic captures the essence of mythical Japanese folklore, blending the supernatural with the artistry of the samurai tradition. This design doesn't just adorn a deck; it transforms your ride into an epic clash between the living and the undead.

Featuring ABEC-9 chrome bearings and 76x53mm black/lime green PU casted wheels, the Oni Graphic Longboard ensures a smooth and swift journey, allowing riders to gracefully carve through the urban landscape. The PU white cushion with an intricately designed logo adds a touch of mystique, perfectly complementing the theme and enhancing overall comfort.

Secure your stance with the OS780 Grip tape and channel the spirit of the Oni as you roll through the streets. The Oni Graphic Longboard isn't just a deck; it's a captivating journey through ancient Japanese folklore, inviting riders to become a part of the undead samurai saga with every push. Immerse yourself in the artistry and adrenaline of the Oni Graphic Longboard – where tradition meets the supernatural.

40" x 9" 7-Ply Canadian Maple Drop-Through
Trucks + Base
7" UB Alloy
Punisher ABEC-9 High Speed
Wheels 76 x 53mm PU Injection
Riser PU Cushion with Punisher Logo
Grip Tape OS780 Black