Samurai Geisha | Helmets


Defend your head with Samurai Geisha!

The Samurai Geisha helmet is an exquisite blend of protection and aesthetics in skateboard safety.

This helmet pictures a pastel pink canvas that seamlessly transitions into a delicate white ombre, adorned with the captivating imagery of a traditional woman samurai surrounded by cherry blossoms, set against a backdrop of elegant Japanese characters.

This helmet not only shields but also tells a visual story.

Engineered for comfort, the Samurai Geisha boasts 11 strategically placed vents to ensure optimal airflow.

Its ABS shell provides robust protection, complemented by an EPS liner for impact dispersion.

The helmet has two pad sets, allowing for a customizable fit, and an adjustable chin strap for added security.

Embrace style and safety as you conquer the streets with the Samurai Geisha helmet, where form and function merge into a protective masterpiece.

Ages 5+