Voodoo | Helmets


No hexes when it comes to safety!

The Voodoo skateboard helmet is a stylish and protective choice for riders who want to stand out.

Its design features a captivating pink and white ombre backdrop with intricate light grey and dark grey circle patterns.

What makes it truly unique is the pink voodoo doll motif, complete with pink pigtails, a single button eye, and a mouth zipped shut, adding an aura of mystery and allure to your ride.

The helmet boasts a distinctive look and outstanding safety features, including 11 vents to keep you cool, a durable ABS shell, and a comfortable EPS liner.

Two pad sets are included for a customizable fit, and an adjustable chin strap ensures a secure and snug feel.

Choose the Voodoo helmet to ride in style and with peace of mind, striking the perfect balance between aesthetics and protection.

Ages 5+